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Data plane logging is off by default and must be configured.

Typically, it is recommended that you send logs off the SRX to a syslog host due to the large volume of logs that can be generated from the data plane, particularly on high-end SRX platforms like the 5800.

Of course if your colleague is on the phone and you want him to press his connection-button so you can instantly monitor, whats happening you can issue the “monitor start ”. I always prefer the global address book since you don’t have to create Hosts 2-times when they are needed in different Zones – but that’s just my “taste”.

You can configure files to log system messages and also assign attributes, such as severity levels, to messages.

Therefore, all traffic logging must be sent to a remote syslog server.

Because fxp0 belongs to the RE, the remote syslog server must be reachable by an interface on an IOC. When the logging mode is set to stream, security traffic logs generated in the data plane are streamed out a revenue traffic port directly to a remote server.

Back in my Checkpoint days we had this nice Dashboard which showed us the Packets that the Firewall denied so we could immediately check if our Rules applied successfully or not.

The control plane logs have to do with events triggered by daemons on the control plane.

This includes messages about the underlying hardware (chassisd), general-purpose messages (messages), and various protocol daemons like IDPD, appidd, and so on.

Reboot requests are recorded to the system log files, which you can view with the show log command.

SRX Series devices can send system log messages from the control plane (Routing Engine) to one or more destinations.

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