States mandating coverage for invitro fertilization

Or is this another case where the generally privileged who can afford to produce children outside of marriage can add “baby” to their list of career accomplishments?

Policies that must provide the coverage include those covering people who live and work in the state, regardless of whether the policy is issued in or outside the state.Deliberately making an orphan, i.e., a child bereft of a mother and father, is in principle what IVF does.But IVF has nothing to do with children, except as products manufactured according to parental desires. As Zbigniew Stawrowski notes in his new book, , today’s “sleek barbarians” use the language of tradition (“liberty,” “justice”) to create a new ethic where the strong gain the force of law to effect their desires on the weak, in this case, children.“Breeders,” “Eggsploitation” and “Anonymous Father’s Day” document the inhumane dimension of this multi-million dollar business masquerading as medicine. before artificial reproduction comes to an insurance policy near you.Arkansas This law requires all health insurers that cover maternity benefits to cover the cost of in vitro fertilization (IVF) Health maintenance organizations, commonly called HMOs, are exempt from the law.

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The law does not define infertility or the scope of services covered; nor did the state ever draft regulations explaining what infertility services entail.

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