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Now the date in your document will be inserted into the document and will update automatically based on the selection you made whenever you open the MS Word document.

hello, i often have the most annoying problem with excel.

When you type a date or time that Excel recognizes, the cell's format changes from the General number format to a built-in date or time format.

By default, dates and times are right-aligned in a cell.

Value v_Number = CDbl(v_Value) v_Days = Round(v_Number) v_Day Hours = v_Days * 24 v_Partial Days = v_Number - v_Days v_Partial Day Hours = Round((v_Partial Days * 24), 0) v_Partial Hours = (v_Partial Days * 24) - v_Partial Day Hours v_Minutes = Round(v_Partial Hours * 60, 0) v_Total Hours = v_Day Hours v_Partial Day Hours Get Text Back From Date = CStr(v_Total Hours) & ":" & CStr(v_Minutes) Exit Function EH: Get Text Back From Date = "Error" End Function I am having trouble with this same problem.

If you format back to text you may end up with a number that was not what you entered.

The following VBA function should convert the altered value back to it's original.

you have to format the cells before you enter the data so excel doesn't automatically format the data for you. -- the data in the cells is NOT formatted automatically by excel but is determined by the user.

also, it is often that one cannot foresee how the cells will be used in order to format before entering text.

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as if the information is a date in -- 05 september 2003. whatever it is i would like to turn it off so that excel never formats any data until i tell it to. bruno hello again, formatting the cells beforehand is one way of approaching the problem, but it often doesn't help.

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