Updating bios hp

There has to be some way to inject that file in there to resolve, perhaps copying it out from the HP BIOS Configuration Utility.

However the Sure Start protection might work and block it. I have some test machines that haven't been on in awhile, going to boot them up this weekend and try to capture the full package that's being downloaded to see exactly what is being pushed.

Is anyone else getting a forced HP BIOS update that is being pushed through Windows Update?

I have units not managed by WSUS and an update called HP Firmware is being pushed out.

I'm not sure if Microsoft is using it or just packaging HP BIOS update executables in Windows Updates.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem HP documented the new tool and how to use it.I like the feature but its introduction is a bit heavy handed.Especially considering on some systems BIOS updates can't be applied without a password. Besides what I would assume is creating a BIOS recovery stick with their media and booting from there to wipe it.Looking at details about the BIOS update, we noticed that the that was used was no longer available.HP released a new version called HPFirmware Upd Rec to replace it.

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