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The second part of the solution therefore adds support for [email protected][firewall ip address], and as a bonus we do [email protected][firewall ip address] as well.

All the mail to these two accounts is forwarded to an inside address.

As usual, the examples show only parameters that are not left at their default settings.

To find out what Postfix version you have, execute the command "postconf mail_version". This first part gets rid of local mail delivery on the firewall, making the firewall harder to break.This document presents a number of typical Postfix configurations.This document should be reviewed after you have followed the basic configuration steps as described in the BASIC_CONFIGURATION_README document.This section describes a local area network environment of one main server and multiple other systems that send and receive email.As usual we assume that the Internet domain name is "example.com".

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This avoids the need to specify firewall IP addresses into Postfix configuration files.

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