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Most computers have them built-in — in which case they're just a part of the circuit board — but you can also add your own NIC to expand the functionality of the system.The NIC provides the hardware interface between a computer and a network, regardless of whether the network is wired or wireless since the NIC can be used for Ethernet networks as well as Wi-Fi ones.Put simply, a network interface card enables a device to network with other devices.This is true whether the devices are connected to a central network (like in infrastructure mode) or even if they're paired together, directly from one device to the other (i.e. However, a NIC isn't always the only component you need to interface with other devices.Locate the old Wi-Fi card in your laptop and check the size.Most new cards are half-height cards, but some older laptops use full-height cards.

Wi-Fi cards are upgraded less frequently, but upgrading them can have a dramatic impact on performance as well, with greater range and faster throughput.All NICs feature a speed rating, such as 11 Mbps, 54 Mbps or 100 Mbps, that suggest the general performance of the unit.You can find this information in Windows by right-clicking the network connection from the Network and Sharing Center For example, if you're only paying for 20 Mbps download speeds, using a 100 Mbps NIC will not increase your speeds to 100 Mbps, or even to anything over 20 Mbps.If your laptop's BIOS uses a whitelist, it's possible that the Wi-Fi card you want to use may not be supported.It's not something most manufacturers advertise, so you may need to spend a little time searching the Internet to find out.

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