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SAXParse Exception; try { Document Builder Factory doc Builder Factory = Document Builder Instance(); Document Builder doc Builder = doc Builder Document Builder(); Document doc = doc Builder.parse (new File("c:\tmp\my.xml")); // normalize text representation Document Element().normalize(); println ("Root element of the doc is " Document Element()Node Name()); Node List list Of Books = Elements By Tag Name("book"); int total Books = list Of Length(); println("Total no of books : " total Books); for(int i=0; i Here is an example of processing xpath with vtd-xml...

If you have a few years of Linux experience, and you're interested in sharing that with the community (and getting paid for your work of course), have a look at the "Write for Us" page. Eugen We are going to use a simple XML document, process it and see how to go over the document to extract the information we need from it. There are libraries for specific HTML parsing too like JSoup.

* @param new Value the string you want to set this tag or attribute to.

NODE); By using this kind of expressions we can filter for whatever element we need to look for just by using the correct syntax.

We can look for an element based on any given id just by filtering: Document Builder Factory builder Factory = Document Builder Instance(); Document Builder builder = builder Document Builder(); Document xml Document = builder.parse(File()); XPath x Path = XPath Instance()XPath(); String expression = "/Tutorials/Tutorial[@tut Id=" "'" id "'" "]"; node = (Node) x Path.compile(expression).evaluate(xml Document, XPath Constants.

XPath is a standard syntax recommended by the W3C, it is a set of expressions to navigate XML documents. It's not limited to java, XPath expressions can be used by XSLT language to navigate XML documents.

Here we just introduced the default XPath provided support, but there are many popular libraries as JDOM, Saxon, XQuery, JAXP, Jaxen or even Jackson now.

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