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The main reason is that they're technically difficult to perform, says Miller.

Unlike a biceps curl, which requires little or no instruction to perform safely, these maneuvers call for a qualified instructor to teach you the nuances of each movement.

But while anyone can find an instructor at the USA Weight lifting Web site (weightlifting.org), it turns out there's also a shortcut to experiencing the Olympic advantage.

You see, the unique aspects of the Olympic lifts consist of two distinct parts: the "pull" phase and the "catch" phase.

Pound for ripped pound, he's one of the strongest men on the planet.

Dimas is hoisting a bar so loaded with plates it looks like a truck axle with the tires attached.

"In my experience, 95 percent of the benefits of Olympic lifts come from the pull phase, which is the simplest part of the movement," says Alwyn Cosgrove, C. "And almost all of the technical difficulties occur during the catch phase." That's why Cosgrove has eliminated the catch portion of the movement from nearly all of his programs, and why you can forget about it, too.

Twice a week, insert these two mini-routines into your current workout, performing them before you do any other exercises.During the pull, you explode upward, yanking the barbell off the floor and in front of your thighs, as if you were trying to jump out of the gym.In the catch, you quickly move your body under the bar and catch the weight on your shoulders or above your head. S., a certified USA Weightlifting coach in Santa Clarita, California.These are the muscles with the greatest potential for size and strength, and the ones that are typically ignored in most men's weight workouts.At this point, you might be wondering why, if these Olympic lifts are so great, you seldom see them practiced in gyms.

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