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Discreet- If someone asks you to be discreet or promises secrecy, there’s a good chance that it’s related to something illegal.French Lesson – Agreeing to this won’t make you learn new language. Party Favors – Party favors in Craigslist aren’t something to be happy and thankful about. Tina or Tina Turner – Even if you are a fan of the artist, never search for Tina or Tina Turner souvenirs on Craigslist.

We do all the hard work so all you have to do is sit back and enjoy your experience.

Party and Play in Craigslist involves sex and drugs. 420, Mary-Jane, Violet – Marijuana ABR/ANR – Should you come across an ad for ABR/ANR, shut your laptop right away. Their ride might really be the bus, but they’ll offer you ecstasy on route. More specifically, cash money that’s exchanged for sexual favors.

It stands for Adult Breastfeeding Relationship or Adult Nursing Relationship. Anything to do with massage or casual encounters – Under no circumstances should you sign up for a massage through Craigslist. Tina – Tina is Molly’s ugly, meaner sister – AKA crystal methamphetamine Water Works/ Wet Works – This means somebody wants to urinate on you, or they’re an assassin. Craigslist’s crew of artful dodgers are always inventing new codewords to creep around the authorities.

It can be nerve wracking knowing how to approach people again and we’ve found people are more confident and true to themselves when they’re in a calm and familiar environment.

Mature dating doesn’t need to feel like a chore, it can be easy to give up on love but with our help you don’t need to alone.

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