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Victims of sexual abuse sometimes when in certain situations act out by engaging in sexual activity.At the same time Bobby could have contracted HIV which eventually turned into AIDS from a female (or male if he was bi sexual) right after he got out of prison.Daddy Debarge said he never sexually abused any of his children then we have to accept his word unless some solid evidence outside of his children’s own words comes forth.

If the father did abuse Bobby sexually, then it would not be far fetched to see why Bobby would engage in Homosexual activity while in prison.Both were convicted and served 5 years in prison (some news reports say they severed 6 years).When Bobby and Chico got out of prison they both continued working on their solo music careers. In an interview Chico said that he believes Bobby contracted AIDS while in prison.Only Bobby really knew the truth, and if he told someone or people how he got AIDS, it is, those people whom he felt comfortable telling.They may reveal or not reveal that Bobby told them how he got it.

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"Bobby went through a lot of pain," says Chico De Barge of his oldest brother.

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