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Watson says that she had sex with Wayne back in June 2001 and she gave birth to their son in February 2002.Watson has been trying to establish paternity for years and now TMZ reports that Wayne is set to to take a paternity test to finally find out if he’s the daddy.Tamar was the first to spark marriage rumors after she told Wendy Williams that Birdman had assumed the son-in-law role within their family.

According to Braxton, the upcoming album, “Sex and Cigarettes” is “the next step…I think as an artist you have push the envelope even further and that’s what I think I did with this album.

Rap can be traced back to African roots many centuries before Hip Hop existed. Ace Rivet Tool (Mr55ace) Item no: 2013837 for 19 bucks There are several types of riveting tools out there to buy. It could happen overnight (not really, it's just an expression) or it could take years. -Drogen I am a Baquacil employee and usually watermold is due to bacteria in the water that is built up over time caused by the Sanitizer and Algistat reading fluctating.

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“Bad man with good manner / Played me like I was a habit / Middle finger, he could have it / I used to dream of livin’ lavish / Now a girl’s a livin’ legend.”Later, the Cash Money boss offers a few lines of his own.

“Overseas and we high, steering wheel on the right side,” he raps.

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It’s been rumored for some time that Braxton and Birdman were already married, but the duo continue to deny it.

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