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Sam has an odd side-effect to the nitrous oxide, thinking her thumb is missing and that it is a secret that she likes fried chicken.When the time comes to tell a true secret, Sam accidentally reveals that her and Freddie shared a secret kiss (i Kiss).Subsequently, Spencer quickly rushes in and hugs Nug-Nug.Guest Starring: Al Espinosa as Ricky Flame, Martin Klebba as Nug Nug and Angela Martinez as Sarah James After spitting in her crush's eye, Carly becomes humiliated and tries to find a new date for a popular school dance.When released to DVD, "i Think They Kissed" and "i Cook" were featured on the "i Carly Season 2: Volume 2" DVD, while the rest of the season is released as "i Carly Season 2: Volume 3".This season had the specials "i Think They Kissed", "i Move Out", "i Quit i Carly" "i Saved Your Life", "i Space Out", "i Bloop" "i Won't Cancel the Show" and "i Psycho".Carly takes Sam to the dentist after her tooth falls out during the webshow.The dentist, Doctor Wheeler, drills Sam's teeth and eventually uses nitrous oxide.

Sam gets involved, which ends up in her confronting Freddie.When the i Carly trio wins, Ricky (who won all his previous food fights) gets depressed and ends his cooking career.The i Carly gang encourages him to start up again, but it doesn't work.Food TV calls the Shay apartment and asks if they can interview the i Carly gang about Spaghetti Tacos.During the interview, Ricky Flame, a popular Seattle chef, comes into the i Carly studio and challenges the gang to a "food fight" (cook-off).

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A few episodes this season and last season were released on the "i Carly Collection" DVD that was released in July 2013.

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